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Сама статья не очень а вот дискуссия под ней крайне интересная.
Основная идея ЗОЛОТО будет жить, и Полсон знает про КУЕ/ФЕД то что не знаем мы, и держит золото правильно.

The cumulative inflation factor since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 is 2253.0%. If you bought something in 1913 for a dollar, it would cost $22.53 today. Inflation has increased 476% since the US went off the gold standard in 1971. It has increased 8.6% since Obozo took office in 2009. With the Fed «printing» $85 billion each month, the pressure is building on interest rates. When rates try to achieve their historic 5-6% range, the dollar will explode and we could see inflation rates exceeding the 15% we saw back in the late 1970's. It could go Weimar Republic in the worst case scenario. The dollar is losing value rapidly, not slowly.

«Productivity» implies a payback or profit. Growth occurs as a result of productivity. The 1930's Depression gave FDR opportunity to expand government credit in a futile attempt to «stimulate» the economy. Further credit expansion allowed for the war machine production to end the War. In olden days, societies looked at their deficits and worked towards budget surpluses to wipe out the national debt. Instead, after WWII the West went on a credit binge, creating growth in such markets as real estate, which turned out to be a gigantic bubble that caused more waste than any economic productivity since the turn of the 21st century.

Gold isn't money? It served as the basis for commerce for 6000 years, from the Phoenicians, Persia and Egyptians to the Western economies prior to 1914. Great Britain used the gold standard successfully from 1621 when colonization began in earnest to create the greatest shipping trade in history. They were productive even when «restrained» by the discipline of gold. Their GDP was stable the entire period and the CPI actually dropped 10% for the duration; a remarkable history of price stability.

No system of fiat money (not backed by precious metals) has survived in history; every system has collapsed. People stop buying promissory notes when there is no sentiment or action to repay it by the issurer. At a $17 trillion national debt and digging deeper by the US, how long can any credence be given to it. Now, It is only a matter of time before the Western monetary system collapses. Japan will be first, the European Union second and finally the Dollar.

There is no monetary discipline and no cogent plan to restore value to exchange rates. The Bretton Wood Agreement was flawed and the pure gold standard is the only mechanism to stabilize money and value. Look for the Chinese huan to soon be backed by redeemable gold to become the Reserve currency in the world.

By the way commenter «That's It», your pegging the «real value» of the dollar is close. Given Gross World Product at $60 trillion, many estimate that an ounce of gold is worth from $19,000 to $22,000. Also add to your thinking that there is some $120 Quadrillion in notational value interest swaps, credit derivatives and CDO's overhanging the banking system from 2008. The FASB accounting board allows the banks to peg the value of losses off-balance sheet instead on «mark to mark» current market value. That's about all I have time to offer from my 41 year career in commercial banking.

The falling gold price is the story of the EFT stock, GLD, that is a promise of delivery of a certain amount of gold. The world is flush in paper money. Given that the Fed told Germany their gold would be repatriated in a matter of years, not days or months, confirmed rumors to gold market watchers that Western Gold Vaults are emptying out as buyers and allocated owners demand protection. After the Central Bankers smashed the gold price in April, demand for physical delivery skyrocketed. Buyers? China, India and even the Bullion Banks themselves, attempting to replenish their own gold holdings against the day that gold will be a necessary component of capitalization requirements.

Traders in London and Zurich report that current deliveries are delayed 5 weeks, as all gold refiners are working 24/7 with the blank gold ingots that slowly come in. The market is reporting numerous shortages of gold quantities. So, prices have decreased 23% for GLD since April yet physical deliveries are carrying a 5% premium to ensure a time slot for possession.

Who is bad mouthing gold the most? The Bullion Banks, their media, minions and agents, and the Western Central Bankers that have vested interests to drive down the gold price. First, as long as gold is not seen as a «store of value» or «money», then the illusion that the dollar, increased at a rate of $1 Trillion per year out of thin air by QE, is the «strongest currency» and most reliable measure of currency. Monetization, or devaluing the dollar, is hidden from the public's view. Second, realizing that gold will be an essential holding in the new system to come, the Central Banks short sold GLD to drive the price down. Why? If you wanted to add gold to your holdings and had the power to manipulate its market price, wouldn't you want to buy it at $1,225 instead of $1,550? Or lower?

When will the GLD EFT stock collapse? It will self destruct when the COMEX, the largest dealer in gold, can no longer fulfill orders because their own physical stock is nearly depleted. Then gold will be «priced» by the demand and supply in the physical gold. The paper trading will all but disappear. Then order will return to the market free of Central Bank and Bullion Bank manipulation.

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